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At A&E Heating and Air, we do all we can to meet your Hood River area home’s heating and cooling needs. Our goals are to be sure you have the level of comfort you want in your home and that you are always satisfied with the job we perform for you.

Thanks to the countless referrals over the years, we have continued to grow and grow—and have since we opened our doors. And we appreciate that it’s due to loyal customers like you. Our entire team knows if you are happy with us, you will tell two friends about us, then they will tell two friends, and so it goes.

As a thank you for when you refer us to someone, we want to give something back to you. Our view is you did something nice for us, so we want to do something nice for you.

Simply follow our easy two-step referral process below and we will send you your gift.
And thank you again for your confidence in and loyalty to us!

What You Need to Do

Step 1.

To refer a friend or family member who needs a new furnace, an air conditioner, or a complete home comfort system, fill out the referral form below.

Step 2.

Our A&E Heating & Air team will contact your referral directly, mentioning you let us know they may be interested in a new furnace or air conditioner.

What You Will Receive

If your friend or family member books an appointment with one of our home solutions advisors, we will gift you a $50 certificate for equipment or accessories from A&E Heating & Air. Or if you prefer, you may choose $25 cash to spend as you wish.

If your friend or family member chooses A&E for their equipment replacement, we will mail you a check for $100!

Our Referral Disclaimers

  1. You cannot refer yourself.
  2. This offer is only good on qualified installations.
  3. If the person referred has a new furnace or air conditioner installed, the person who referred them will be notified by email and phone.

Referral Rewards

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