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How Whole House Air Purification Systems Help Your Family

July 24th, 2023 | 2 min read

By admin

The air you breathe is pretty important. When it’s filled with dust particles, dander, dust, and household chemicals that get into the air, it compounds and negatively impacts your health.

If you monitored your indoor air quality for even a single day, you’d think the meter was broken. That’s because so many homes have terrible indoor air quality, and it’s not your fault–it’s simply what happens when you have people spending 8+ hours a day, every day, in a confined space.

Installing a whole house air filtration in Hood River is how you fight back against poor indoor air quality. We’re going to cover some major reasons that it helps your overall quality of life for you and your family.

Children With Asthma See Improvements

Asthma causes inflammation in the lungs that can trigger asthma attacks. It also means children endure restricted airways, wheezing, and impaired respiratory system function. Changing the quality of your indoor air directly impacts that in a good way.

By removing dust, pet dander, and particulate matter from the air, you’re reducing the strain on your child’s lungs. Ultimately, it helps them live a little easier (especially when they’re sleeping, which we’ll get to in a little bit).

Lowers the Chance of Airborne Diseases

Air filtration isn’t just there to pull dust out of the air–it’s also removing bacteria. Disease-causing bacteria can piggyback on particles of dust, debris, or they can just freely float around in the air. When you deploy whole house air filtration, especially if you use HEPA filters, these bacteria in the air are reduced.

HEPA filters can be used in both your air conditioning intake and your air filtration system. These are high-efficiency filters that siphon more debris, dust, and bacteria from the air than standard filters.

The catch is that HEPA filters often cause a bigger strain on AC systems and air purifiers. This makes maintenance more important than ever, and while it may slightly increase your monthly utilities, it’s worth it to pull all that garbage out of the air.

You Actually Sleep Better at Night

When you sleep, you breathe more shallowly. At least, for part of it. You go through different cycles when you sleep, and having poor air quality can negatively impact the quality of that sleep.

In fact, The National Sleep Foundation has the following to say about indoor air quality and sleep: “Poor air quality can affect the soundness of your sleep, which in turn can affect your sleep satisfaction. Keeping your bedroom air clean may help you sleep better throughout the night.”

Don’t Ignore Your Indoor Air Quality

It’s easy to forget about dealing with your indoor air quality, which is why you should seize the opportunity to do something about it right now. Call us today to discuss the process of getting your very own air purification system installed and reclaim your air quality.

Contact A&E Plumbing, Heating and Air as soon as possible to schedule your IAQ system installation.