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Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing in Columbia River Gorge

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We offer the best kitchen and bathroom plumbing services in Hood River, OR and have been servicing the community for years. Whether it’s a clogged sink, backed-up toilet, or your shower just isn’t draining, there’s no bathroom and kitchen plumbing task we can’t tackle.

  • Expert, Licensed, and Bonded Technicians
  • Competitively Priced Services
  • Financing Options Available for Most Customers

Toilet repair, sink repair, and even garbage disposal units—you name it, and we’ll be ready to fix it for you. Consider us your one-stop shop for your kitchen and bathroom plumbing.

You can depend on your friends in the bright red vans. We’ve served the Columbia River Gorge since 1997.


Bathroom Plumbing Services

There’s a lot of pipes in your bathroom, and you really don’t want to tangle with any of them if you don’t have to. Let the experts at A&E Plumbing, Heating and Air help you along the way. Bathroom plumbing doesn’t have to be a DIY task (and oftentimes, it isn’t). You’ve got us on your side to handle everything when it comes to bathroom plumbing services.

Bathroom Plumbing Repair

Whether it’s a backed up shower or your toilet simply won’t flush properly, you need a set of professional hands to carry out the repair. There isn’t anything in bathroom plumbing repair that we haven’t already seen and fixed before.

Kitchen Plumbing Installation

Kitchen plumbing has a lot of ins and outs to it. Whether it’s water lines to the refrigerator, your dishwasher hookup, or what have you, there’s a lot that needs to be done. Only a professional in Hood River, OR should handle your kitchen plumbing installation.

Kitchen Plumbing Repair

Garbage disposal got you down? Whether it’s the faucet or the fact that your sink isn’t draining, we’ve seen it all before and we’ll service it all again. Let A&E Plumbing, Heating and Air help you restore your kitchen to its proper functioning glory with our kitchen plumbing repair services.

Serving the Hood River, OR Area