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Water Softeners in the Columbia River Gorge Region

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In Hood River, OR, our team at A&E Plumbing, Heating and Air wants you to have clean drinking water and less irritated skin. Hard water gets in the way of that, which is why we offer water softener systems that completely change the way you live your life each and every day.

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From installation to repairs and beyond, we’re happy to equip your Hood River, OR home with the best water softener system so you can get back to enjoying your water. While there are pros and cons to soft water, it ultimately affords you a better quality of life (and less buildup on your dishes, too).

You can depend on your friends in the bright red vans. We’ve served the Columbia River Gorge since 1997.


Water Softener Installation

Are you tired of dealing with hard water stains on your dishes, fixtures, and clothes? They feel like you didn’t even run anything through a wash. Our team can help with a professional water softener installation. Kick limescale to the curb and reap benefits including longer appliance lifespan and healthier skin. Let us help you choose the right water softener for your home and provide efficient installation services.

Water Softener Replacement

If your current water softener isn’t working right or it’s no longer meeting your household’s needs, it may be time for a water softener replacement. Our team can help you find the right water softener for your home and provide efficient installation services. Let A&E Plumbing, Heating and Air help you upgrade to a new, reliable water softener today.

Water Softener Repair

Water softeners aren’t solutions you just apply once and walk away from. They require occasional repairs. If you notice that hard water is coming back through the faucet or your skin is drying out like it used to before you had the softener installed in the first place, our technicians are ready to help restore your water to its former condition and set up water softener maintenance for the future.

Serving the Hood River, OR Area