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Top 5 Ways to Improve Home Efficiency

March 21st, 2024 | 4 min read

By Daphne Hunt

Facing high energy bills and uneven temperatures in your home can be frustrating. You're trying to keep every room comfortable, but it seems like you're just watching your money fly out of an inefficiently sealed window. Water usage might be another concern weighing on your mind. Whether it's high utility bills or the environmental impact of excessive water use, you're looking for ways to cut back without losing functionality. 

With over 16 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we understand the challenges you face. We're here to show you how to make your home not just a place to live, but a haven of comfort and efficiency. Our expertise, with your guidance, means we can work through the maze of options to find energy-saving solutions that fit your life and your budget.

1. Enhanced Insulation and Sealing

Top 5 Ways to Improve Efficiency Infographic 1: Enhanced Insulation and Sealing

Improving your home's comfort and efficiency is key, starting with optimal insulation in your walls, attic, and basement to reduce the need for heating or cooling. Technologies like Aero-Barrier, which is used to seal air duct leaks from the inside, keeps unwanted air out and ensures only clean air circulates. Additionally, sealing HVAC ducts with the right materials prevents energy loss. 

Starting today, you can use these solutions to save money and boost your home's performance:

Inspect and Upgrade Insulation

Check insulation in the attic, walls, and basement. Upgrade old insulation with materials like fiberglass or foam board to enhance temperature stability.

Seal Ductwork

Look for leaks in your HVAC ductwork and seal them with duct sealant or metal-backed tape. This reduces energy loss and improves system efficiency.

Consider Aero-Barrier for Comprehensive Sealing

Aero-Barrier seals leaks throughout your home, improving air quality and HVAC efficiency. This service is one we specialize here at A&E Plumbing, Heating and Air – we’ve worked with countless homeowners just like you to navigate how solutions like Aero-Barrier can benefit your home specifically.

2. Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Top 5 Ways to Improve Efficiency Infographic 2: Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Switching to a high-efficiency HVAC system can reduce your utility bills and benefit the environment. These smart thermostats can automatically adjust your home's temperature based on who's home, the time, and your location, putting you in control of your comfort and savings. 

Here are some of the systems we recommend to keep your home cozy year-round:

Trane XL824 Smart Thermostat

Programmable & Wi-Fi Compatible: Allows for easy scheduling and remote control via the Trane Connect app, ensuring convenient temperature management from anywhere.
Compatibility with Smart Home Systems: Integrates with various smart home systems for a cohesive home automation experience, featuring live weather forecasts and alerts on its color touchscreen display.
Energy Management: Provides detailed energy reporting and customizable schedules for optimized energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills and reduced environmental impact.

Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat

Programmable & Wi-Fi Compatible: Offers robust programmability and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for remote control via smartphone or tablet.
Geo-Fencing: Utilizes your smartphone's location to adjust your home's temperature based on how far or near you are.
Occupancy Detection: Uses smart room sensors to detect presence in a room, adjusting the temperature for comfort and efficiency.

Trane XL1050 Smart Thermostat

Programmable & Wi-Fi Compatible: Offers advanced programmability and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote temperature adjustments through the Trane ComfortLink II app, integrating seamlessly with smart home devices.
Zoning Capability: Features zoning capability for personalized comfort and enhanced energy efficiency, with a built-in Nexia Bridge for wide-ranging smart home device connectivity.
Touchscreen Display: Boasts a large, color touchscreen display for intuitive control and monitoring of your home's heating and cooling systems.

3. Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Top 5 Ways to Improve Efficiency Infographic 3: Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Making small changes in your home can lead to big savings on your water bill and help the environment. Here's how switching to low-flow fixtures, upgrading to dual-flush toilets, and considering a tankless water heater can make a difference: 

Switch to Low-Flow Fixtures

Replace showerheads and faucets with low-flow models to cut water use without sacrificing pressure. Moen and Delta provide stylish, efficient options that can also enhance your home's look.

Upgrade to a Dual-Flush Toilet

Dual-flush toilets save water by offering two flush options. The TOTO Eco Drake is an efficient choice that can easily replace existing toilets, lowering water bills.

Consider Installing a Tankless Water Heater

A gas or LP-fired tankless water heater heats water only when needed, offering significant energy savings. With Wi-Fi capabilities, you can easily control and monitor water usage.

4. Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Top 5 Ways to Improve Efficiency Infographic 4: Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

By switching out old, drafty windows and doors for new, energy-saving ones, you take a big step toward making your home cozy and efficient. Choose windows with two or three layers and a special gas inside, and look for the ENERGY STAR label to save the most energy. Adding weatherstripping or caulk to close any gaps keeps your home snug and warm all year.

5. Smart Home Technology and Monitoring

Top 5 Ways to Improve Efficiency Infographic 5: Smart Home Tech and Monitoring

With smart home tech, you can take control of how much energy your home uses like never before. To begin saving on your home utility bills today with the help of smart home technology and monitoring, consider these three practical solutions:

Install a Smart Home Energy Monitor

Devices like Sense or Emporia Vue can be a game-changer for understanding where your home's energy is going. By tracking your electricity usage in real time, these monitors can help you identify energy-hungry appliances or habits that you can change. Installing one of these devices can be your first step towards smarter energy use.

Switch to LED Lighting

Replace your traditional incandescent bulbs with LED options, such as Philips Hue smart bulbs. LEDs consume a fraction of the electricity and last much longer. With smart LED bulbs, you can control the lighting in your home remotely, set schedules to ensure lights are only on when needed, and even adjust the ambiance to suit your mood, all of which contribute to lower energy bills.

Implement Auto Shut-off Devices for Plumbing

Water waste is a significant contributor to high utility bills. By installing devices that can automatically shut off your water in case of a leak, you not only prevent potential water damage but also save on your water bill. These devices often come with smartphone apps that allow you to monitor your home's plumbing system in real time, giving you peace of mind and control over your water usage.

Improving Home Efficiency with A&E Plumbing, Heating and Air

By embracing our proven tips, you're on your way to a home that saves energy, feels more comfortable, and keeps more money in your pocket. Starting with basic steps like better insulation to using smart gadgets that manage your energy use, every action you take only improves your home.

This is just the start of making your home the best it can be. With our know-how and your drive, turning your home into an energy-saving sanctuary is within reach. Click here to chat with one of our Home Comfort Advisors and kick off your home's transformation today.

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